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What child doesn't love animals? At first I thought of filling the volume with stories of animals, but I couldn't begin to choose from thousands of them. So I thought the most useful thing would be to include ways of looking at animals that will increase your children's enjoyment of them. As I have done with some of the other books, I opened this book with stories of how mamas take care of their little ones and what their homes are like that your very young children will enjoy. They'll relate to that. These aren't personified stories...they just relate observable animal life. I chose animals I thought your children would be familiar with: the opposum, elk, beaver, rabbit, squirrel, bear, fox, wolf, mole and bat. There are also some adorable sketchings that go along with most of the stories. 


Then I found a book that looks at the features of all animals one at a time, such as eyes, noses, ears, etc. Why do some animals have eyes on both sides of their heads and others have eyes that look forward? Why are some noses flat and others long? Why do some ears stand up straight and others flop over? The writer constantly encourages the children to use their observational skills and to ask questions and find answers for themselves. When my son finished formatting this book, he took a trip to the zoo because he had so many new and interesting things to notice in all the animals there. I hope it will inspire a little curiosity in your family as well! 


Paperback 5.5x8.5 343 pp.

Stories of Animals (N8)

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