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I have to admit, I mostly had mothers in mind when I gathered the stories for this volume. In the process of empowering women over the past century, the role of wife and mother has been devalued. Many of history's greatest events can be traced back directly to the influence a mother had on a son or daughter or a wife had on a husband. The mother is the guardian of our greatest natural resource -- our children. I hope these stories will inspire your heart as they did mine. Some of them may be over the heads of your children, but, still, you'II find stories that young teenage daughters will understand and appreciate. Meet Monica, the mother of St. Augustine, a wayward boy who credited his mother with changing the course of his life and who, in turn, changed the course of the Christian world. Meet Marie Antoinette as wife and mother -- you'll see her in an entirely new light. Have you felt sorrow in your life t- felt overwhelmed with burdens and care? Spend time with Susanna Wesley, who in spite of illness, loss of many babies, and relentless poverty, gave the world John and Charles Wesley who have influenced millions of lives. You'll find yourself walking a little taller and reaching a little higher. 


Paperback 5.5x8.5 315 pp.

Stories of Great Wives and Mothers (G11)

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