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There are two complete books in this volume. I think the first one will appeal to children as young as five years old. The writing is almost poetic as it describes the wonders of the ocean and sea-life. You'll want to plan ahead and do a Google search to find colorful images to share while you tell each of the stories. l've provided a list at the beginning of the book. The simple drawings didn't do them justice so we didn't include them. I learned so much about the ocean in the second book which will appeal to older children. It raised many questions l never thought of before. Agnes Giberne, who wrote this book, wrote a number of other science and nature books for young people that I'm sure you'II want to check out. She gently weaves in the reverence she feels for the Hand that created all things. 


Paperback 5.5x8.5 349 pp.

Stories of the Ocean and Sea Life (N2)

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