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This book opens with a brief child-level discussion of what astronomy is followed by simple stories of early astronomers. Next you'll find two complete books. In the first selection, I loved the way the first story unfolded gradually instead of fire-hosing information. A sense of wonder of the universe we live in is woven into the story of a little boy who notices, one night, that his favorite star has gone missing. A kindly German professor, a friend of his father's, befriends the boy and bit by bit layers in an understanding of the stars and the planets and the immensity of space, and in the process solves the mystery of the lost star. The second book helps a child to identify constellations one at a time. It encourages the child to keep a record of each constellation and the date he or she finds it in the sky. These two books are great companion books to the book that is included in the Nature volume in the Story Hour Series. In that book, many of the stories -- the mythology -- behind the constellations are told in ways that young children can understand. At the back of the Stories of Stars, l've included some star poetry. 


Paperback 5.5x8.5 375 pp.

Stories of the Stars (N1)

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