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We are gathering a community of families who are learning the lost art of educating hearts through the Arts.

We seek to preserve a culture of faith, freedom, and family and a love of the good, the true, and the beautiful.

Start Here: Orientation Video

If you want to learn all about the Well-Educated Heart (WEH) philosophy of learning and living and all the many resources available here, start with our FREE Catch the Vision Introductory course. You can access it here by clicking on the image. Or go to where you will find the course and additional support while you are learning.

If you are looking for wholesome books, audios, podcasts, music, fine art, movies, crafts, foods, and even plays for your WEH journey, click on Rotation and start exploring here in Libraries of Hope (LOH).

If you are looking for friendship, support, and inspiration, join our Mothers of Influence (MOI) community in Mighty Networks. This is different, but you don't need to make this journey alone.

If you are looking for classes in music, art, storytelling, crafts, cooking, and folk dancing along with extra support as you make your way through the Rotation Schedule, and want to help your families find friends, join our Belle Ame at Home (BAAH) community.

If you want to learn more about our Belle Ame Center for Artful Living campus you are helping to build through your membership in BAAH, or to donate, visit our Belle Ame Dream site.

If you are looking for virtual live classes in academic subjects like Math and Science for your junior and senior High Schoolers, taught by outstanding instructors the WEH way, visit our Well-Educated Heart Academy.

If you are looking for fine art sorted by a variety of categories, visit our Simple Joy Art site. All the art is in the public domain as per Wikimedia Guidelines, so you may use it as you like.

If you are looking for a free listening library of books and stories from the Golden Age of Children's literature, visit our BelMonde site. Stories are sorted by the rotation.

To access all of our books as free digital reads, visit our Forgotten Classics Family Library page. Hard copies of all the books can be purchased in our store.


Keep up to date on announcements and what's new with Libraries of Hope and the Well-Educated Heart philosophy. 

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