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Section Five:
The Grand Buffet

What resources and tools do I have to work with?


Just as you will get a different result from eating a diet of french fries and chocolate milk shakes than you will get from a diet of fruits and vegetables, so will the heart respond according to the quality of food it is fed. A Grand Buffet of quality heartwarming food has been prepared for your use. New dishes are added regularly.  Sample and taste just as you would at the finest buffet restaurant, then return to those dishes you find the most appealing. Do revisit the buffet often and try new gourmet dishes as your taste becomes more refined. The purpose of this Section is to take you on a complete tour of the Grand Buffet  you'll find at  Don't gulp your food--savor and enjoy the flavors. And please allow time for digestion! There's a LOT there, but it's all delicious and made with the finest ingredients.  You will also find ideas for organizing your learning.


"A rosebud blooms from the pressure of an inner fulness."

The Forgotten Classics Family Library - Part One

The Forgotten Classics Family Library - Part Two

LOH Tour with Marlene Peterson

​John Senior who wrote 'The End of Christian Culture', said, "In order to read the 'great' books of Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine and St. Thomas, we need to replenish the cultural soul that has been depleted and create a place where these works can thrive by cultivating an imaginative ground saturated with fable, fairy tale, stories, rhymes, and adventure--the thousand books of Grimm, Andersen, Stevenson, Dickens, Scott, Dumas and the rest.  The one thing a great books education will not do is create a moral imagination where there is none."

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A college level course in the humanities designed especially for busy women.

The Delphian Course
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A way to study the whole world, line upon line, layer upon layer, here a little there a little.

The Rotation Schedule
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A way to hold on to those things that matter to you.

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