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Section One:
The Mother's Heart

Why is a mother a child's best teacher?


"The field is white and all ready to harvest, but we are faced with a generation that has little desire to reap. Mothers, this is your moment in history. Within your homes are the chosen harvesters and it is your privilege and upon you rests the responsibility to light fires of desire within their hearts."

No one can do it better than you!


"You cannot parent a child whose heart you do not have."

Gordon Neufeld: Why Adults Need to Matter More Than Peers

"Oh! If the world could only stop long enough
for one generation of mothers to be alright, 
what a Millennium could be begun in thirty years!"

--Helen Hunt Jackson

"Give me good mothers and I will save the world."

--Pius IX


Mothers--you are the hope of our world! (Address given at the World Congress of Families IX).

World Congress of Families IX
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"We are beginning to see...the rising up of women filled with the courage of heaven." --A Dream by Lana Vawser, Australia

The Dream
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The richest gift a mother can give her child.

The Richest Gift
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"...don't ever sell yourself short as a woman or as a mother.... Do not let the world define, denigrate, or limit your feelings of lifelong learning and the values of motherhood...Lifelong learning is essential to the vitality of the human mind, body and soul. It enhances self-worth and self-actuation. Lifelong learning is invigorating mentally and is a great defense against aging, depression and self-doubt."

— Robert D. Hales


​"Feed your heart. I can't emphasize this enough... If you want your children to sing while they work, you sing while you work. They need to work beside you so they can see what you're doing. They don't instinctively know how to organize toys. If you want them to love beautiful music, let them see you loving beautiful music. If you want them to love reading, let them see you reading. If you want them to keep a nature journal, let them see you keep a nature journal.  
​Show Them, Don't Tell em! 
Their hearts don't understand telling."

— Marlene Peterson

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