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Character Trait Audios

On this page you will find audios of chapters found in Elizabeth McCracken's 'How To Teach Children Through Stories.' It was written as a guide to  Eva March Tappan's 'The Children's Hour.' Not all of the volumes of The Children's Hour are available on Internet Archive, so I have recorded stories from my copy so that you have access to them.  

Introduction to Character Building Stories
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Volume 3: Stories from the Classics

    The Miraculous Pitcher, p. 67.
    The Golden Touch, p. 92.
    Romulus, Founder of Rome, p. 31.
    How Cincinnatus Saved Rome, p. 46.
    The Duel Between Hector and Ajax, p. 207.
    The Funeral Games of Anchises, p. 433.
    Aeneas's First Great Battle with the Latins, p. 465.
    The Sacrifice of Marcus Curtius, p. 63.
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Volume 1: Folk Stories and Fables

    Jack and the Beanstalk
    Faithful John
    Beauty and the Beast
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Volume 4: Stories of Legendary Heroes

    The Death of King Arthur, p. 98
    Owain and the Lady of the Fountain, p. 115
    Siegfried's Youth, p. 299
    How Firebras Defied King Charles, p. 239
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    The Miraculous Pitcher, p. 67
    The Child of the Forest, p. 394
    Gulliver in Lilliput, p. 141
    At the House Beautiful, p. 18
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Volume 1: Folk Stories and Fables

    The Angel, p. 257
    Jack and His Master, p. 413
    Gudbrand on the Hillside, p. 312
    The Ugly Duckling, p. 233
    Who Killed the Otter's Babies? p. 354
    The Boys and the Frogs, p. 495
    The Constant Tin Soldier, p. 246
    The Fir-Tree, p. 261
    The Grateful Foxes, p. 326
    The Lion and the Mouse, p. 496
    Why the Evergreen Trees Never Lose Their Leaves, p. 514
    The Tongue-Cut Sparrow, p. 334
    The Brahmin, the Tiger and the Six Judges, p. 378
    Tit for Tat, p. 383
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Volume 9: Poems and Rhymes

    A Child's Thought of God, p. 46.
    The Noble Nature, p. 439.
    The Chambered Nautilus, p. 446.
    The Mountain and the Squirrel, p. 454.
    Hark! Hark! the Lark, p. 303.
    Auld Lang Syne, p. 289.
    Song from 'Pippa Passes,' p. 282.
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Volume 4: Stories of Legendary Heroes

    Launcelot and Elaine, p. 70
    Arthur is Chosen King, p. 31
    Sir Bors and Sir Lionel, p. 60
    Owain and the Lady of the Fountain, p. 115
    Manawyddan and the Seven Enchanted Cantrevs, p. 148
    The Battle of Roncvals, p. 252
    Robin Hood and the Sorrowful Knight, p. 162
    The Quest of the Holy Grail, p. 47
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Volume 8: Adventures and Achievements

    The Mobbing of Garrison
    Dolly Madison and the Burning of Washington
    Judson in Burmah
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Volume 2: Myths from Many Lands

    Atlanta's Race, p. 237
    The Golden Fleece, p. 60
    The Minotaur, p. 166
    Balder and Mistletoe, p. 316
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Volume 5: Stories from Seven Old Favorites

    The Comedy of Errors, p. 391
    The Story of Sindbad the Sailor, p. 36
    A Visit to the House of the Interpreter, p. 7
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