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February Podcasts

WEMH #031 The Madonna in Art

WEMH #031 The Madonna in Art
00:00 / 21:05

The Madonna in Art--combines Christmas, our role as mothers AND Month 4's Mother's University topic of Art.

The Madonna in Art by Estelle Hurll (1897)
The powerpoint of the images are on the video found below.

Links to pdf images of paintings mentioned in the book can be found by clicking on the madonna_illustrations.docx link above.

Gloria in D Major by Vivaldi

Oh, let me enfold thee, my baby, tonight;
While legions are singing in joyous delight.
A new star has risen to hail thee divine,
For you are a king, but tonight you are mine.
--Bertha Anderson Kleinman

Youtube of Mary's Lullaby

WEMH #033 There is a Balm in Gilead

WEMH #033 There is a Balm in Gilead
00:00 / 19:37

This Year's Christmas Message.

WEMH #156 The Birth of a Nation and Staying Free

WEMH #156 The Birth of a Nation and Staying Free
00:00 / 18:48

Here are some resources you can use to teach about our Constitution and government and I share some thoughts on mothers' roles in preserving our freedom.

Stories of the Government

The Story of Our Constitution by Eva March Tappan

Restoring Our Garden of Liberty

The Care and Culture of Men by David Starr Jordan

WEMH #159 The Price Paid for Freedom

WEMH #159 The Price Paid for Freedom
00:00 / 12:14

As we continue talking about freedom, as I have mentioned, two of the best ways to help our children appreciate freedom is to let them see what life looks like without it, and to let the see the price that was paid for what they inherited.

Today's sampler falls in the second option as I share the story of a father and a son and what fighting for our freedom cost them.

WEMH #160 There is Hope

WEMH #160 There is Hope
00:00 / 14:31

This past month we have been taking a look at freedom and celebrating a new nation. We also took a look at another people who were made free under God. In today's podcast I reflect on these lessons the prophets of Israel teach us about how to navigate these storms that are gathering around us. No matter how bad things got, these prophets never lost hope. There is no reason for us to lose hope, either. God is still in charge. There is nothing He has missed. There are no surprises for Him.

Art credit: Samuel Relating to Eli the Judgments of God Upon Eli's House by John Singleton Copley

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