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June Podcasts

WEMH #076 Lessons on Happiness from Helen Keller

WEMH #076 Lessons on Happiness from Helen Keller
00:00 / 18:39

About her garden: "It is just a pile of sun, songs, blossoms and butterflies, for what else matters?"

​In the oldest wood I know a brooklet
That bubbles over stones and roots,
And ripples out of hollow places,
Like music out of flutes.

There creeps the pungent breath of cedars,
Rich coolness wraps the air about
While through clear pools electric flashes
Betray the watchful trout.

I know where wild things lurk and linger
In groves as gray and grand as time;
I know where God has written poems
Too strong for words or rhyme.

--Maurice Thompson

WEMH #171 The Nuremberg Stove

WEMH #171 The Nuremberg Stove
00:00 / 32:16

I know it's summer--but stories are good year round, aren't they? Here is a story that goes along with this month's topic of Germany. But it really has to do with the healing powers of beauty and art in our lives.

WEMH #175 Leo Tolstoy

WEMH #175 Leo Tolstoy
00:00 / 39:09

Leo Tolstoy: Where Love Is, There God Is Also

You may recognize Tolstoy as the author of War and Peace. Did you know Tolstoy had a deep interest in the education of young children? You just may recognize some WEH principles he embraced.

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