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The story of Abraham Lincoln's life is one that I never get tired of. It was especially difficult to narrow down the choices for this volume. But here is what you'll find. I open the book with a simple introductory story of his life for young children. You'll notice the chapters are very short. The next book will appeal to upper elementary or middle grade students. It's written by James Baldwin, a name you may now be starting to recognize. He was a prolific writer of children's books in his day. This book, while telling the story of Lincoln, talks much more about the rising tensions of the day, not just about the issue of slavery but of States' rights as well. It is a good introduction to why the Civil War happened. You'll find very short chapters again. The third section of the book offers some lesser known snapshots of Lincoln as The Boy, The Man, The Lawyer, The Speaker, The Statesman, The Christian. Finally, the last section includes a sampling of Lincoln's wisdom in his own words. 


Paperback 5.5x8.5 388 pp.

Stories of Abraham Lincoln (F8)

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