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There weren't a lot of books about Ancient Egypt and Africa for children that I could choose from. I was unable to find a good narrative to capture the scope of their histories. But I think these books offer some good foundational glimpses for children twelve and older. Of course, Africa is made up of many nations, each one with a unique story. The origins of Egypt are shrouded in legend and myth, so to neglect those stories is to miss the source of what we know about her. You'll find a number of them included in the reading. Then, you'll be introduced to several of her rulers, ending with Cleopatra and the fall of a once great and highly advanced civilization, with lessons for us today. Just a word of warning -- the story about the treasure house has a disturbing element to it -- a beheading that may be an image you don't want to plant. I leave that to your discretion. There is evidence that there were other wonderful civilizations throughout Africa, but they vanished without leaving behind their stories or art by which we could learn about them. So we'll have to rely on the accounts of what the daring and courageous explorers of the 1800s discovered as they pushed their way into the Interior of Africa. Their willingness to sacrifice personal comfort -- and even their lives -- is a source of inspiration for us all. 


Paperback 5.5x8.5 322 pp.

Stories of Ancient Egypt and Africa (W8)

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