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There are two complete books in this volume. The stories of America's early history are told by a beloved aunt in the evening story hour to a family of children. I like the way she connects the events and brings them to life. The first stories will give your children a review of Columbus and the age of exploration in addition to the colonizing years. Then she starts laying down the foundations of understanding of why the colonists felt independence was their only choice. Several of the last chapters cover many of the details of the Revolutionary War which you may want to hold off reading until Month 5 or in your next year rotation. 


The second book is a diary written by the wife of a Continental officer. It is claimed to be a true account, but I cannot find verification. At any rate, it is enlightening and gives a descriptive account of what it may have been like to live in that turbulent rime. The colonists had more to fear than the British soldiers. I especially like the story of the British soldier who is wounded and who the wife tends to. It provides good discussion material of who our 'enemies' really are.


Paperback 5.5x8.5 385 pp. 

Stories of Early American History (F3)

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