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A child enters the heroic stage around age 8. The stories of epic and legendary heroes provide the perfect bridge between the world of imagination and the real world as these stories are partly grounded in fact and partly in fiction. I looked for entry-level stories to appeal to young hearts. Revisiting these heroes is a pleasure for life. In this volume, you'll find stories of Greece's Achilles and Ulysses, Rome's Aeneas, England's Robin Hood and King Arthur, Spain's El Cid, Ireland's Brian Boru, France's Roland, Germany's Siegfried, Scandinavia's Frithiof, the Dane's Beowulf and America's Hiawatha.


"Men are not great or heroic because they are faultless; they are great and heroic because they dare, suffer, achieve, and serve." -- Hamilton Wright Mabie


Paperback 5.5x8.5 358 pp.

Stories of Epic and Legendary Heroes (S5)

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