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Character is higher than intellect and love is more powerful than reason. This volume's stories will teach your children the power of love. Imagine traveling overseas, walking into an ISIS camp and expecting to teach them about love. What may be faced in an ISIS camp today paled in comparison to what many of these early missionaries and humanitarians faced. Yet, with no desire for fame or reward­--motivated purely by love--these godly souls ventured where no one else dared go and they worked miracles. Their sacrifices are unparalleled anywhere. l have never read anywhere a more powerful account that demonstrates the effect of a parent's faith and love on the heart of a child than in the story of Jon G. Paton and his father. I love his whole story, but I could only include a few selections--you'll be able to read the rest online. The lessons I learned from his life when I first read his story several years ago have left a lasting impression and changed the way I think about many things. Many of the stories are too intense for younger children--but not all. Read ahead. As I did the final proofread last week, I had to keep stopping and walking away from my computer because I couldn't read through my tears.


Paperback 5.5x8.5 383 pp.

Stories of Great Humanitarians and Missionaries (G4)

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