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There are two parts to this book. The first part gives you many paintings that you can use to introduce your very young children to fine art. As you read the book in the Mother's Study Group about how to show pictures to children, it talks about Picture Talk. Every picture doesn't need to be introduced in this way, but this will get the process going and will help your children to begin to see the story in certain paintings. The book includes black and white images of the paintings, but I would expect that you would do a Google Image search for each one so that you can show it in color to your children. The images in the book are purely to give you a point of reference so that you know you have found the right image. 


I tried to pull in stories from several different sources so that you have more to work from. The subjects are simple for the most part­ -- family and child life and animals; those things that appeal to and are familiar to young children. You'll find additional stories for young children in the online library. 


The second part of the book will help you introduce the 'rules' of art to your children when they are ready or will help you to understand them so that you can teach them as you go along. You'll learn about different mediums, the use of color, techniques, design and so forth, all related in an engaging way. It further enhances the study you will have begun in the Mother's Learning Library writings. 


Paperback 5.5x8.5 374 pp.

Stories of Paintings (S1)

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