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The first book, Plants and Their Children, will appeal to even very young children. It has opened my eyes to the plant world so that I see things I have missed my entire life. But the value isn't in just laying out the 'facts,' which she does beautifully. The true value is in the wisdom she has woven into the stories. For instance, what is the purpose of the flower out in the middle of the field that no one will ever see? Well, I have a feeling her response will get you to thinking about things you may never have thought of before. Everything has a place and a wonderful purpose. 


The second book is written by Agnes Giberne who you first met in the Stories of the Ocean and Stories of the Stars. She has a gift of taking complex subjects and presenting them in a way a child's heart can understand. She will deepen your understanding of the plant world and you will gain a greater reverence for the Creator. 


The final book is a short story of a thousand year old pine tree. My son who helps me format the books, after he read that story, said it was one of the saddest stories he has ever read. I'm going to have to agree. But I have a feeling after your children hear its story, they'll never look at a big tree in the same way again. Maybe the lumberjacks who destroyed so many of our great redwood forests would have reconsidered what they were doing if they had been raised on a story like this. 


Paperback 5.5x8.5 479 pp.

Stories of Plants and Trees (N4)

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