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There are so many great books written about British history that it was hard to pick. Rather than attempting to give an entire history, I found a book with enough stories to introduce key figures and events and whet the appetite to want to learn more. You'll read about England's quarrels with Scotland, and then turn around and read about the events from Scotland's point of view. For Scotland's Story, I used several chapters from Henrietta Marshall's book. Henrietta Marshall and Mary MacGregor have similar styles and I recommend looking for their books in the online library. They are both gifted storytellers. You'll get a good introduction in this section about Scotland's history that takes you through William Wallace and Robert the Bruce's fight for freedom. And then l included a very brief history of Ireland and a chapter on St. Patrick. Ireland shined as a bright light during Europe's Dark Ages. 


Paperback 5.5x8.5 378 pp.

Stories of the British Isles (W3)

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