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It's time to celebrate the birth of America! I packed as much as I could into this volume. You'll start off by joining a tour of Washington DC with four young people and their uncle as he shows and explains the buildings, symbols, and the workings of our government. I've added updated information where I could. Then I included a portion of a book called The Story of the Constitution, which, in large measure, reviews the events you have just studied, but from the point of view of the British. Winning the war wasn't the end of woes. There was a true danger period before the Constitution was written and put into place. This book will explain those dangerous days leading up to the adoption of our inspired Constitution. Then, after a brief discussion of different types of government, the Constitution is explained line by line in a way a young person can comprehend. The book closes with numerous quotes from the Founding Fathers themselves.


Paperback 5.5x8.5 392 pp.

Stories of the Government (F6)

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