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September Podcasts

WEMH #017 Lessons from Columbus

WEMH #017 Lessons from Columbus
00:00 / 26:55

I'm talking about lessons from Christopher Columbus. Do you think he's a villain or a hero?

Book of Prophecies quotes are from the Delno C. West and August Kling translation.

Stories of Christopher Columbus FC

The Story of Christopher Columbus by Charles Moores

Poem: Columbus by Joaquin Miller

WEMH #019 Lessons from China

WEMH #019 Lessons from China
00:00 / 19:13

Here it is then end of Month 1 and I am only now beginning to post the podcasts wherein I'll start tying in the lessons learned from monthly topics. Today I'm talking a few lessons learned from China. But no'll be back around next year and if I've sparked an interest, jot it down in your notes and you'll have something to look forward to study next time around!

Stories of China and Marco Polo

Anna and the King of Siam
1946 movie starring Irene Dunne and Rex Harrison

The King and I
Musical starring Deborah Kerr and Yul Brynner

Qin Shi Huang

Wild Swans by Jung Chang

Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman

Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

WEMH #020 Lessons from India

WEMH #020 Lessons from India
00:00 / 17:07

Our Little Hindu Cousin

Rudyard Kipling:
The Jungle Book

Just So Stories

IF (Poem)

WEMH #021 Lessons from the South Seas

WEMH #021 Lessons from the South Seas
00:00 / 16:10

Stories of Great Humanitarians and Missionaries

The Story of John G. Paton Told for Young Folks

A heart full of thankfulness,
A thimbleful of care,
A soul of simple hopefulness,
An early morning prayer.

A smile to greet the morning with,
A kind word is the key
To open the door and greet the day,
What'er it brings to thee.

A patient trust in Providence
To sweeten all the way,
All these, combined with thoughtfulness,
Will make a happy day.

WEMH #023 Lessons from Light and Sweden

WEMH #023 Lessons from Light and Sweden
00:00 / 25:30

Light in My Darkness
by Helen Keller

Johnny Appleseed: American Legends

O light-bringer of my blindness,
O spirit never far removed!
Ever when the hour of travail deepens,
Thou art near;
Set in my soul like jewels bright
Thy words of holy meaning,
Till death with gentle hand shall lead me
to the Presence I have loved--
My torch in darkness here
My joy eternal there.
--Helen Keller

WEMH #078 Sampler Captain John Smith

WEMH #078 Sampler Captain John Smith
00:00 / 09:38

Today's sampler brings us to Captain John Smith and Pocahontas.

WEMH #079 Sampler Marco Polo

WEMH #079 Sampler Marco Polo
00:00 / 08:24

Today's daily sampler gives you a little background on Marco Polo. As I read his story, I thought how often what we think is something that is really horrible ends up being good. Marco Polo was captured and thrown in a prison--a horrible thing--but it was while he was in prison that he had his travels written down. And in turn, those writings awakened a desire in Columbus and others to push past their fears in search of the land Polo described of unfathomable riches, which led to the discovery of a "new world."

​What other lessons do you take away from his story?

WEMH #080 Sampler the Stars

WEMH #080 Sampler the Stars
00:00 / 08:20

Today's daily sampler gives us a story of the stars.

WEMH #081 Sampler How Pepper Helped to Discover America

WEMH #081 Sampler How Pepper Helped to Discover America
00:00 / 19:46

There are so many commonplace things in our lives that have an interesting story behind them. I will never look at pepper the same!

Today's sampler is from the book Explorers and Settlers compiled by Charles Barstow, found in the Middle School Exploration section.

WEMH #082 Sampler Jenny Lind

WEMH #082 Sampler Jenny Lind
00:00 / 25:18

If you watched The Greatest Showman, the Jenny Lind that was portrayed was not the Jenny Lind I read about in the old books. Here is one such inspiring account of her life and accomplishments.

Photo: Jenny Lind

WEMH #083 Sampler Anna and the King of Siam

WEMH #083 Sampler Anna and the King of Siam
00:00 / 26:24

Today's sampler takes us to Thailand where we meet up with Anna Leonowens, the inspiration behind The King and I.

She wrote a book, published in 1870, about her 6 years in the Siamese court. Great read!

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Mrs. Leonowens by John McNaughton (1915)

The English Governess at the Siamese Court by Anna Leonowens (1870)

WEMH #084 Sampler Rudyard Kipling

WEMH #084 Sampler Rudyard Kipling
00:00 / 13:50

Did you know Kipling was the first English writer to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature?

Art: Portrait of Kipling in 1891

Famous Authors for Young People by Ramon Coffman
Kipling: Storyteller of East and West by Gloria Kamen
Kim by Rudyard Kipling
Captains Courageous
Puck of Pook's Hill by Rudyard Kipling

WEMH #085 Sampler I Belong to Jesus Christ

WEMH #085 Sampler I Belong to Jesus Christ
00:00 / 19:04

That title may seem like an odd podcast for a group learning about education, but when you listen, I hope it will make sense. I've been fielding a number of questions from moms lately who are concerned about nurturing faith in their children in our secularized society. I address that concern, while also giving you a Daily Sampler from the life of Gladys Aylward, missionary to China.

Art credit: Stained glass in the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, California

​Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman

Christ and the Fine Arts by Cynthia Maus
(Do an Amazon search for additional copies)

WEMH #179 The Epic of India

WEMH #179 The Epic of India
00:00 / 11:40

Get to know some of our more populous neighbors a little bit better. This podcast episode explores India with an excerpt from The Five Brothers by Elizabeth Seeger.

I apologize for the name pronunciations. I really tried!

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